Ace-Production administers the rights to Zambezi in all countries exept Finland.


Zambezi is a play about a Finnish/European middle-class family arriving as refugees to an imaginary African country called Zambezi. They are being received by the local immigration officials with suspicion and treated accordingly.

In this upside-down set-up the play shows what happens with a migrant family these days. They can’t get jobs, their professional skills are not appreciated, they are loosing ground, self-esteem and confidence. With lots of humour and music, both traditional Finnish/European and African, the story evokes the audience emotions and shows us the common situation of our daily life from a different angle and in a bright new light.

Zambezi was written by Bengt Ahlfors and Ritva Siikala for Kassandra International Art Center in 2008. Read more on Zambezis homepage (in Finnish).

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