Spin – The Musical

Ace-Production administers the rights to Spin – The Musical in Europe, Russia and China.


Spin The Musical


Spin is a musical about a game of power behind the scene of the music business. The author and composer Douglas Pashley has managed to create an exiting story full of twists and turns where humoristic musical music mixes with energetic pop music.

The musical is set in a busy capital where music journalist Daniel Jackson just got an assignment to write an article about the suicide of a rock star. Conscious of the tight dead-line, Jackson concocts an article hinting that the rock star, like many others, in fact fell prey to a conspiracy against artists who voice powerful political messages. His article attracts a huge amount of attention, not least from the bosses of a global media empire. When Jackson is called to a surprise meeting with the chairman of the media group he starts to realize that things are not what they seem to be. Soon he faces a situation where reputation, honour, power, money and love is at stake.

Spin – The Musical was played at Svenska Teatern 2005-2006, read more on spin.fi.


Spin – The Musical has also been staged abroad with local actors.

The first international premiere was held in Katowice, Poland on Teatr Rozrywki in 2007. Spin was performed on Volkovtheatre in Jaroslav, Russia 2007 and on S:t Petersburg Musical Comedy Theatre in 2008 by Theatre Zazerkalje.