Rune Sundby

Born in Oslo, Norway 1951, but is today a Swedish citizen since 1978 and do now live and work in Stockholm. Before that, he was a member of the well know progressive norwegian rock band “Ruphus”, 1972, as a singer, composer and lyric writer. They are written about in norwegian lexicon as “flagship” in this genre. Their biggest success was the first, of six albums called “New Born Day” and here Rune has a big roll as singer, composer and lyric writer.

Before that, in 1977 Rune was number one at the European Top Ten with his own song “Wandering man”. Same year he wrote the legendary song “Bye Bye Babe, Goodbye” which has become one of the most popular songs in Norway in modern history. 1993, he got his first golden record for it, and 1994 came the second. The last times this song was actual, was as one of the songs in Norwegian Idol 2007 and as one of the tracks on an album with several popular songs in Norway called “Night wishes”, 2014.

During the 80-90ties Rune was a very popular entertainer with for example 10 years at the very well known club Bacchi Wapen in Stockholm, run by Hasse Wallman. During this period Rune could also be seen at television as an actor in “Hidden camera” at TV3 in 8 episodes, where he had the main roll.

All together, Rune has been participating either as composer, singer, lyric writer or all this together on about 22 singles and 16 albums.

1999-2000 Rune finished off every show in the Stockholm Globe, with a song with the audience in “Stockholm International Horse Show” under direction af the legendary Owe Sandström.

At the end of the 90ties, Runes interest for musicals started to come alive, and the summer of 2001, he had premiere, to the mass medias delight, with “Captain Goldhook” with Karin Glenmark and Ted Åström as the stars, in Stockholm.

Now a days, the “Captain Goldhook” is fare more than just a “musical”. He is engaged in children’s reading and writing education, children’s safety at sea and on land and children’s safety all together. He is also very eager about the environment.

The summer of 2015, Rune finished off his, so fare, biggest musical, “Olympia”, which is a whole night musical with big drama and “feel good” music.

Rune is also involved, as script writher, composer and artist in a big production that concerns 8 of Stockholms archipelagos lighthouses. They have a tremendous history and it is going to be 8 TV documentary episodes. Rune has written a song to each light house and that album will be released shortly. This is a project he is doing together with the well known radio and television profile in Sweden, Rolf Arzenius.

There is much more to be done, Rune thinks, so he is looking forward to the inspiration for the next musical.