Libretto/Music/lyrics/manuscript by Rune Sundby


Alexandersson: He Owns the “Olympia” theatre. A nice and ambitious man.

Arnold: Bartender at the “Theatre Café”, and this is where the whole play is taking place. He is the one you can “talk” to, and he knows everything about everyone.

George: Married to Caroline and is a coming composer but a poor guy.

Lucas: Friend to George and Caroline since school days. Rich, and want to be as good as George when it comes to composing. He just has not got Georgs skills.

“The youngsters”: Three girls and three boys who is artists with great ambitions at the Olympia.

Other characters: Three huligans who knocks down George and makes him blind, in a park late at night. Two agents from Broadway. This characters can be played by the “youngsters”. George is getting his sight back in the song “Forgive me”, and trow away his sunglasses in the dramatic scene/song.


Alexandersson needs a good musical, and he makes a composer competition between Lucas and George. If it turns out well, it might be ending up at Broadway.

At first, the boys want to compose together, but that does not work out well. So they go back to write their own musicals.

After a while George is ready with his musical, but Lucas has only put together some rubbish. Lucas wants to lay his hands on Georges musical and arranges so George is getting blinded in a brutal way. Now Lucas wants to “help” George to send in his musical to Alexandersson. George is blind, so Lucas trick him and sets his own name as composer at Georges masterpiece.

The truth is suddenly coming in to daylight, and Lucas is broken to pieces. During this time, it comes to knowledge that Olympia is nearly bankrupt. Lucas has money, but it takes that George and Lucas becomes friends. Olympia needs money and a good musical. This is drama.

Finally George and Lucas becomes friends so Georges musical can come up at Olympia, which is saved by Lucas money.

During the play, it comes out from the blue that two of the youngsters are pregnant! If they got a daughter, she will be called Olympia. If it is a boy, he will be named George Lucas.

Finally, they all wander what kind of musical George has written. Then George tells them, and the audience, that the musical everybody has been a part of right here right now, is the musical he has been writing!! Beat that!