Captain Goldhook

Libretto, text, music and script by Rune Sundby.

This is a family musical about Captain Goldhook, Quick and Fast, his sailors and Silvertina and Silversword.

The show is based on a tour around the coast or at a stationary harbor where a “masked” pirate ship can enter. It is also possible to put up the show on an indoor theatre.

Silvertina and Silversword are high way pirates because they can ́t swim, which everybody has to learn.

They have half of a treasure map that shows that the treasure is in that particular harbor. Naturally Captain Goldhook has the other half and are arriving to the harbor.

Now the struggle between the two pirates starts and there is also a growing romance between Silvertina and Quick.

After much struggle and happenings, the two pirates agrees to find the treasure together. It is not fun to have half of a treasure map and only find half of the treasure!

It all ends up with that they find the treasure. But it is not only gold and silver the find. But also a bottle with clean water!

Goldhook does not understand the meaning of that, but the others knows that clean water is one of the biggest treasures you can find today!

It also appears that Goldhook is not so good at reading and writing, which is absolutely necessary for all children today.

At the end, they all agree that they shall find the treasure together. If everybody helps each other, nothing is impossible. They agree that they shall enter Goldhooks ship and sail a way to another treasure they have heard talking about, but the problem is that Silvertina and Silversword can not swim, that ́s why they are stuck on land, but they solv the problem for this time with lifejackets. Everybody needs a lifejacket when they are onboard a ship or a boat.