Death of a Theatre Critic

Death of a Theatre Critic is a tragic-comedy about a director’s tribulations by Joakim Groth, that was premiered at Svenska Teatern (the Swedish Theatre) in January 2009.

The famous theatre director Karlo has wife, best friend and a glittering career. One bad review, however, turns him into a drunken, cuckolded has-been, burning for revenge on his tormentor. But life, he soon discovers, is infinitely more dangerous than theatre, and so begins a terrifying descent into butchery and madness. Who has the last laugh in this macabre comedy: the director, the critic, the talk-show host… or the murderer?


A english version of Death of a Theatre Critic was performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in august 2010 (read the review here) and in May 2012 at Plesance London.

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