Ace-Production administers the rights to Cellophane in Finland, Russia and Ukraine.


Cellophane, Ace-production

Follow a modern woman trying desperately to fulfil the feminist ideal, juggling a career, husband, two kids and an expensive car with a child seat that’s impossible to use. Last week she came upon an article in a popular weekly woman’s magazine that showed (through an expert survey) her sex life to be very tame for the average woman her age. It was followed by a list of helpful suggestions. “No.6 – Dress in sexy lingerie and wrap yourself up in cellophane as a gift for your partner to discover.”

Cellophane is a new comedy on an international theme; the heroic struggle of the modern woman. The action takes place over the space of a single day, with a schedule so tight that starting the day just fifteen minutes late has disastrous consequences all the day from the Kindergarten, the office, the mother to the fateful seduction in cellophane in the evening.

Cellophane guest played at the Russian science- and culture center in Helsinki (Venäjän tiede- ja kulttuurikeskus) 24.09.2009. The play was produced in co-operation with Ace-Production.

Cellophane has been played in St.Petersburg and Yaroslavl (Teatr Kamerny), Russia 2009, Lviv, Ukraine 2009 and in Kemerovo, Russia 2011.


Read more about the play at www.cellophane.is

Written by Björk Jakobsdóttir