Mamma Mia!


Ace-Production is an agency that owns and manages works, concepts and rights in the theatre and performing arts. The company operates mainly in Finland and Europe but also in Russia, Asia and the rest of the world. The company produces and co-produces national and international works that are suitable for cultural export and import.

We are specialised in production, marketing, sponsorship, consulting, licensing and education. Ace functions as a commercial company within event production with partners all over the world.

Garantiföreningen för Svenska Teatern r.f. founded the company Ace-Production in 2008. The company is managed by a board; chairman Kjell Sundström and 2 members. The managing director is responsible for the activity, budget, economy and accounting. The company has a manager that takes care of the administrative matters and coordinates and leads projects.

Ace works to become one of the leading companies in the field of culture business with an active network in the Nordic countries, Europe and Asia.